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Sleep Number is a U.S.-based manufacturer that manufactures the Sleep Number and Comfortaire beds as well as foundations and bedding accessories. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition to its Minnesota headquarters, Sleep Number has manufacturing and distribution facilities in South Carolina and Utah. As of 2018, the company employed 4,220 people across the United States.


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Sales Professional says

"Management is the worst of all the companies I've worked for. You don't get just one boss, you get 2 or 3 of them on you every week. Your store manager and then a market manager. The market manager mainly just complains and calls anytime something wrong happens. Which if something is going wrong in another store 300 miles away, you are going to have to listen to it and it just brings you down. It's really slow and boring but yet they put the words "fun atmosphere" in the application process to trick you. Have never met a person that actually liked the company, talk to any store in the nation and most would tell another employee secretly that it's boring and they are just there to collect a paycheck. Working at any of the stores in Ohio will get you this guaranteed."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Sadly the pandemic has shown the true colors. We knew noone cared about areas like customer service and home delivery before, but now we REALLY know. Teams are forced into horrible situations with customers regularly, and paid a wage that cannot be considered livable. - At the corporate office, if you're a middle aged white man who has a fairly low bar for performance; you'll do great. Colleagues often described both racist and sexist behavior happening with regular frequency. Concerning from a CEO who waves the "female CEO" flag on the cover of any regional publication she can; yet can't use the word "racism" or "black", or at all stray from the robotic script that's been prepared"

Sales Professional (Former Employee) says

"In a stare that has more then 3 workers including the manger you still fight over sales just to make a paycheck. You will then have no ability to take time off due to the lack of people to fill in. And if you do take time off it is easy for your partially completed sales to be taken. In larger stores you have to fight for your turns to help a customer. It’s a savage job and you can ever take time for your self. If you miss Goal by even a small amount twice in a row they will cut you lose. It’s sales experienceIt’s cutthroat and you can’t take time off if you want"

Delivery technician (Current Employee) says

"Don’t work here all they will do is lie to you and over work you and pay very little. Everyone else in the company makes your job a lot harder to do.."

Customer Service Sales (Former Employee) says

"Very races Sleep Number do not hire black people afor management positions and they treat black customer like second class.Lafayette Louisiana store location."

Order Picker (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for over a year and never got any of the raises I was promised in my interview. At my yearly the manager listed what I needed to be doing and want but I had been following my supervisors direction. Left not long after that.Monday through Friday scheduleEverything else"

Home Delivery Technician (Former Employee) says

"Poor management & hrs & pay It's a terrible place to work with no immediate supervisor. upper management was a joke 3 to 4 hr drives for regional deliveries and with retail it's feast or famine with them. Don't do it, the trucks are garbage and always braking down, our routes i swear are made by someone throwing a dart at a map and they pile so many stops on one day you can't possibly finish and then the next day your done by noon"

Retail Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Sleep number I started and had sales people that where there for 3 years telling guests about their 7 stages of sleep. Then wonder why a nurse at a sleep clinic called it out. District manager saw him 2 times in a year. Store manager spent all his time telling us how great he is and all the other store manages in the district are so under his level. Meanwhile it takes the guy 4 hours to sell a bed on a busy holiday weekend.If you are on a good teamglorfied air mattress, truly felt guilty at times 7000 dollars for a air mattress covered in fabric and foam from Carpenter"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"If all you want to do is work 8-12 hours a day without training, grumpy customers and terrible management go join the team. Once you work for this company, you won’t have a life anymore. Customers are grumpy to you since the product doesn’t work, advertisement is misleading and product too expensive. But don’t worry, you won’t have a job long since they don’t train well. Management is obsolete, only focused on big events so they can get more rewards and you can make very little."

Sleep Expert (Former Employee) says

"Management only wanted to Drive Numbers, but not hear how to improve the processes. It became an absolutely disgusting environment in which to work. Any ideas to improve were not welcomed. Their only concern was to chase numbers; not customer engagement or satisfaction on any level. Highly priced mattresses that I doubt have more than a two year lifespan."

Sleep Professional (Former Employee) says

"The product itself is wonderful.However there is a clear miscommunication between the upper management and stores. Area and store managers had to many inconsistencies. If you have the chance to sell this wonderful product, Take it. But, please have everything written or recorded. Its a best safe practice. They tend to not "not follow through".Product is wonderfulCommunication on management is very inconsistent."

Home delivery tech (Former Employee) says

"It's a terrible hostile backstabbing place to work with no immediate supervisor and upper management was a joke and they will use you every chance they can and won't have your back when you need it and 3 to 4 hr drives for local deliveries and with retail it's feast or famine with them. Don't do it."

Sleep number tech (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work no hours only work 1 day a week and when someone calls off the expect you to drop everything that you are doing and come in no one cares about you at all"

Home Delivery Technician (Former Employee) says

"On average you work 10 hour days 5 days a week +/- 6 hours. Logistics of the delivery routes are atrocious and the product is Cracker Jack toy quality. Typically back to service or remove any bed delivered within 30 days."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"First and foremost, if you are looking for job security go the opposite direction. Doctor appointments, hurricanes, tropical storms, flooding, broken a/c, threats to employees' life from customers or coworkers, and illnesses are all things that can cost you your job if you refuse to show up to work. It takes 1 month to get a days worth of PTO. They hold your PTO for 2 weeks and forbid you to use it during certain days of the month for Satirdays. It takes 5 minutes to clock in and if you're even one minute after the start of your shift due to this process, it counts against you for attendance. You can't take to long in the bathroom because they will come looking for you. The supervisors sleep around with employees and the employees with each other. Drinking on the job is common for every level in the building. The job believes their privileged customers first even though the calls are recorded. If a cust says you cursed them, they will fire you before they even pull the call. When you confront them about why the environment is so hostile, they will tell you it's just business. Turn around is extremely high. Don't waste you time. EMS there every week for panic attacks and fainting due to stress."

Sales andMarketing Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management is greedy, cannot get better pay due to impossible monthly goals. The company doesn’t care about its employees . Corporate greed, backstabbing management"

sales (Former Employee) says

"worked here for two years...they twist and turn everything you say to suit their needs. if you do well selling x, you are a failure selling y. you have no control over delivery issues and when there is a delivery issue it becomes your fault and you are told to fix it, but your hands are tied. management are puppets.peers are greatno work life balance...scheduling is brutal and many days you work alone for 12 hours."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"This job gives you no family life. Management is very poor. Human resource department will not help you do to they worry more about the supervisors being happy very bad environment to work in"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Nepotism, abuse of power, mandatory overtime, no proper precautions for hurricane season, dirty diseased filled bathrooms, the customers are self-righteous idiots. Supervisors openly discuss their alcohol and drug use. Overworked, underpaid."

Sleep Professional (Former Employee) says

"Forget being off on the weekends if you want to have a chance to make any money. Management thinks everyone is an idiot. Very condescending. Almost no chance for advancement.Depending on what kind of store manager you haveToo many to name here. Run a"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"District manager has no clue how to distribute store goals which directly affect your pay. Goals successful stores low and sets high goals for the wrong ones. This guy needs replaced!None with current district manager!District manager is bad at his job."

Maintenance Worker (Former Employee) says

"I worked all 3 shifts. I pulled the use foams, cardboards, and plastics from each department. I made bales from each materials and loaded them on a semi-trailer. Management was alright. But, they wanted me to work by myself for the whole plant. I couldn't keep up with doing all the work by myself. Very stressful work.Break whenever you are caught up. Paid weekly.No benefits until after one year. Low pay."

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